Family & Doodle Picture Gallery
Video Name Date Size
Sophie with Siblings Dec 2007 15.5MB
Sophie Playing with Wally Jan 2008 2.6MB
Sophie's 1st Birthday Nov 2008 28.2MB
Sophie at Agility Class Feb 2009 12.7MB
Sophie's 1st Litter Birthday Slideshow Dec 2010 39.3MB
Sophie's 2nd Litter Dec 2011 22.2MB
Sophie's 2nd Litter on Christmas Day Dec 2011 11.5MB
Joey Playing with 2nd Litter Jan 2012 134.4MB
Puppy Play 2nd Litter Jan 2012 154.1MB
Emily Talks to Sophie's 2nd Litter Feb 2012 29.0MB
Bodie at two months Feb 2012 55.1MB