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Zazu Series

This series of poem paintings is titled "Zazu." The name is derived from a Hebrew word meaning "constant motion." The definition reflects the energetic motion of brush strokes and flow of thoughts written spontaneously around the page like journal entries.

The Zazu paintings are acrylic on paper, 11 x 14 inches.

Today the Space

Today the space becomes activated.
I begin to push and pull.
The forms take on their own meaning
and I feel free.

The Magic Can Be

The magic can be so elusive.
Can I count on it to come?
Keep coming back to the page.
It will always turn up.

A wedding is a Dance

A wedding is a dance of two people's
lives coming together.
A painting is a marriage of paint, paper
and ideas becoming one.

It's a Dance - a Song

It's a dance, a song.
There is always music.
It flows in then out through my arm,
into the brush, out through the paint, soaking me.

Today the Shapes

Today the shapes become a face.
Her eyes remain closed.
She has no words and no voice.
Yet, she feels everything.

The Space Does Not Become

The space does not become activated
until the mind switches to the other gear.

Somehow there is one moment

Somehow there is one moment that tells you to
stop and something goes click and it's time to put
down the brush and maybe it's right there.

Spring Energy Light

New Spring Energy Light Movement Hop Jump Young
Birth Warm Sweet Flutter Ground Lift Buzz Fly Whisper
Reach Sprout Hatch Blossom Fragrance Young Happy

Things that begin one way

Things that begin one way and then take on a whole
new direction. They go their own way and there is very
little that can be done to change.