• Bennett Road Conservation Land Mid August
  • Trail Walk Dionis Land Bank 11
  • Heard Farm Mid-June
  • Nearing the End of the Year 2
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Still Life with Pink Window
  • Sudbury River
  • The Pink Baby Pram
  • Foggy Bottom 2

My Watercolor Journey

Over the past four years, I have focused my creative journey on painting over 575 watercolor paintings.

The landscapes portrayed in my watercolors are inspired by my travels both near and far including my beloved Heard Farm, Crane Beach, Nantucket, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Cape Cod, Sicily, and Greece.

Play the youtube video on the right to see a highlight movie of my exploration of styles and techniques in a transparent medium.

Please continue to explore my website and join me on my painting journey in many different media.

Artists Statement

I like to use the expression, “I’m painting to find out,” because each new work is an exploration to better understand color, composition, paint application and expression.

I am a painter who works in oils, acrylics, watercolor, and mixed media collage. My landscape paintings are influenced by my love for Heard Farm, Pelham Island Road, and all the beautiful conservation land in my hometown of Wayland, MA. Every walk, hike, or drive uncovers endless possibilities for new paintings -- a foggy morning, a mid-summer afternoon, an autumn sunset.

My still life paintings are about the relationship between objects. They are saturated with rich color and layered brush strokes. I love to set up elaborate arrangements in the studio.

I begin most paintings with line. My charcoal drawing becomes the armature that searches for the architecture of the composition. Then comes the blocking-in of big areas of color. I often go back to using line in order to push the composition further. It’s a dance between line, color and form, a kind of choreography.

My studio is a reflection of my personality. It is a balance between a creative sanctuary and a meeting ground for artists to share our creative process using a common artistic language. More than just a place to paint, it's my "other home," a "room of my own."

Emily and Harry

I fill my studio with the things that inspire my creativity: a library of art books, files filled with collage material, shelves filled with still life objects and piles of interesting textiles, and always music, music and more music.

My work is influenced by everything around me. Every morning before coming to the studio I walk my dogs on the conservation land and breath in the colors of the seasons. I take this back to the studio with me. This is what informs and inspires my work.

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