2009 Puppy Pictures
Puppy Pic 000

Once upon a time, there was a Princess named Sophie and her Prince Lord Hiawatha. On October 14, 2009, they found out that they were expecting 7 puppies.

Puppy Pic 001

Here is the beautiful whelping box that Paul built.

Puppy Pic 002

Hiawatha is very protective of his Sophie.

Puppy Pic 003

They are very fond of each other.

Puppy Pic 004

Two days before whelping, an X-ray shows that 7 puppies are about to be born. It's very crowded in there.

Puppy Pic 005

The fist puppy was born at 11:35 on November 20, 2009. That puppy turned out to be our dog "Joey."

Puppy Pic 006

It took many hours for all the puppies to be born. The 7th puppy was born at 4:00AM on November 21, 2010.

Puppy Pic 007

When puppies are born they have very little coloring. Their noses, eyes, ears and pads are all pink. Their ears are sealed and their eyes are closed.

Puppy Pic 008

Using their sense of smell, they wiggle their way to their mother to nurse.

Puppy Pic 009

They like to stay very close for warmth.

Puppy Pic 010

You will often find the puppies in piles.

Puppy Pic 011

Hiawatha looks over his new brood. He is an experienced father and has sired many litters of puppies.

Puppy Pic 012

Sophie is always close to her puppies. She occasionally gets up for a short break and then comes right back to check on them.

Puppy Pic 013

You can see that some of the puppies are whiter and some are darker. Their faces are still pink.

Puppy Pic 014

The whelping box has a special shelf that protects the puppies from being accidently rolled on.

Puppy Pic 015

Kathryn Lee's book, "Goldendoodles" is proudly displayed while Sophie feeds her babies.

Puppy Pic 016

Puppy Pic 017

Puppy Pic 018

Puppy Pic 019

Here is Hiawatha with his amazing black feather ear.

Puppy Pic 020

The puppies nurse and....

Puppy Pic 021

then fall asleep.

Puppy Pic 022

We had a live Puppy Cam on 24 hours a day so that we could share our experience with everyone.

Puppy Pic 023

Sophie looks very proud of herself.

Puppy Pic 024

This is the first set of ribbons that we put on the dogs to tell them apart.

Puppy Pic 025

It was fun to watch the different patterns the puppies made as they wiggled into various positions.

Puppy Pic 026

The Kelly Green puppy who is now named Brady gives a big yawn. It's really neat to look into his mouth.

Puppy Pic 027

See how his nose and pads are starting to darken.

Puppy Pic 028

We would put the puppies into a laundry basket to keep them safe and warm while we were cleaning the whelping box.

Puppy Pic 029

Melinda was a wonderful helper with the puppies.

Puppy Pic 030

Here, Paul is carefully placing a puppy so that everyone had a spot to nurse.

Puppy Pic 031

You can guess that this picture was taken around Thanksgiving. The puppies are wearing "Rick Rack" ribbons.

Puppy Pic 032

We named them by the color of their ribbons.

Puppy Pic 033

This is "Pink." Her forever family named her Roxie.

Puppy Pic 034

This is "Orange." Her forever family named her Martha.

Puppy Pic 035

It was fun to take detailed close ups of the puppies paws.

Puppy Pic 036

Look how beautiful their faces are.

Puppy Pic 037

Puppy Pic 038

At about a week old, their ears are still sealed.

Puppy Pic 039

These are the three female puppies.

Puppy Pic 040

See how their features are developing color.

Puppy Pic 041

I can't believe they once fit in my palm.

Puppy Pic 042

Little "Orange" is getting her tummy rubbed.

Puppy Pic 043

They are always forming different patterns.

Puppy Pic 044

Here is the "Black" ribbon puppy who we kept and named Joey.

Puppy Pic 045

Puppy Pic 046

I think this is my favorite picture.

Puppy Pic 047

Puppy Pic 048

Puppy Pic 049

Puppy Pic 050

Look how "Orange's" tiny paw fits between my fingers at 7 days old.

Puppy Pic 051

We regularly weighed the puppies to track growth. Little "Orange" gets weighed on a postage scale -- 1 pound 7.4 ounces.

Puppy Pic 052

The puppies love to snuggle close together.

Puppy Pic 053

Sophie is always close by.

Puppy Pic 054

The puppies are getting rounder and their fur is getting longer.

Puppy Pic 055

Puppy Pic 056

Puppy Pic 057

Well... this is just too cute.

Puppy Pic 058

The "Blue" puppy's ear is already changing at 8 days old.

Puppy Pic 059

The "Blue" puppy was the biggest so we nicknamed him Moose. His forever family named him Frankie.

Puppy Pic 060

Puppy Pic 061

The puppies got lots of love and attention.

Puppy Pic 062

Puppy Pic 063

They are growing beautiful silky coats.

Puppy Pic 064

Joey is nursing next to his 3 sisters, "Red", "Pink" and "Orange". "Reds" forever family named her Woodstock.

Puppy Pic 065

Puppy Pic 066

The "Olive Green" ribbon puppy is using Joey as a pillow. His forever family named him Charlie.

Puppy Pic 067

The ear canal is starting to open at 2 weeks.

Puppy Pic 068

Puppy Pic 069

Puppy Pic 070

Another classic puppy pile.

Puppy Pic 071

Puppy Pic 072

More beautiful faces.

Puppy Pic 073

Puppy Pic 074

Puppy Pic 075

At 16 days old, they are getting plump. Sophie has done a great job taking care of them.

Puppy Pic 076

Puppy Pic 077

Puppy Pic 078

At 17 days, they are starting to walk on all fours. They can smell their mommy on the other side of the whelping box. Sometimes mommy just needs a break.

Puppy Pic 079

Puppy Pic 080

Here is Becca, the forever owner of "Kelly Green." She and Bruce named him Brady.

Puppy Pic 081

This is one of my favorite puppy piles. Joey is wearing a white ribbon because we temporarily ran out of black Rick Rack.

Puppy Pic 082

Every few days we had to change ribbons as the puppies grew.

Puppy Pic 083

Puppy Pic 084

Puppy Pic 085

Notice how the ear has opened even more at 19 days.

Puppy Pic 086

Puppy Pic 087

The puppies are getting their 1st taste of solid food made from ground puppy kibble mixed with warm goat's milk.

Puppy Pic 088

Puppy Pic 089

They are starting to look like real dogs. See how their eyes are opened at 19 days old.

Puppy Pic 090

Puppy Pic 091

Puppy Pic 092

Another puppy pile.

Puppy Pic 093

Too big for the Whelping box, by 22 days old, the puppies have moved to a larger space.

Puppy Pic 0094

Puppy Pic 095

Paul and "Olive Green" are bonding.

Puppy Pic 096

In their exercise pen (ex-pen), they have lots of room to move around. They nurse and eat 3 solid-food meals a day. They drink water from the pail attached to the ex-pen. They also are beginning to play with toys.

Puppy Pic 097

Little "Orange" is looking very alert.

Puppy Pic 098

Big yawn from brother "Kelly Green."

Puppy Pic 099

By 24 days old, you can look down the ear canal.

Puppy Pic 100

The puppies eat from a "flying saucer" pan. They often explore their food by stepping in it.

Puppy Pic 101

You can see the puppy cam camera set up by the ex-pen so friends can share this wonderful experience.

Puppy Pic 102

At 30 days old, the puppies are getting big. Sophie now nurses standing up.

Puppy Pic 103

More eating.

Puppy Pic 104

Mom watches her puppies eating from outside the ex-pen. She would like to eat up the food mixed with warm goat's milk.

Puppy Pic 105

Growing up is hard work.

Puppy Pic 106

Our good friend Ellen brought the puppies new toys.

Puppy Pic 107

Puppy Pic 108

"Pink" is looking lovely.

Puppy Pic 109

"Orange" and "Red" rest in the comfy crate.

Puppy Pic 110

Now they are posing for the camera.

Puppy Pic 111

Joey is wrestling with his sister.

Puppy Pic 112

More eating.

Puppy Pic 113

They are getting bigger.

Puppy Pic 114

Mom is cleaning them after a meal.

Puppy Pic 115

"Blue" is enjoying his 1st Bully Stick.

Puppy Pic 116

Puppy Pic 117

More puppy piles.

Puppy Pic 118

Puppy Pic 119

Puppy Pic 120

Puppy Pic 121

Puppy Pic 122

Puppy Pic 123

Puppy Pic 124

Puppy Pic 125

Paul weighs the puppies. It is a challenge to get them to sit still in the bowl. The puppies are starting to become paper trained.

Puppy Pic 126

By 35 days old, it's a tight squeeze for mom and her 7 puppies to fit in the crate.

Puppy Pic 127

"Olive Green" gets some one-on-one attention.

Puppy Pic 128

Emily and Olive snuggle.

Puppy Pic 129

The puppies feel nice and secure in their crate.

Puppy Pic 130

The puppies enjoy playing with toys.

Puppy Pic 131

Puppy Pic 132

"Pink" gets some special time with her mom on the couch.

Puppy Pic 133

Our "Pink" puppy now lives in Philadelphia, PA.

Puppy Pic 134

Puppies take a catnap.

Puppy Pic 135

Melinda gets a snuggle.

Puppy Pic 136

On Thanksgiving weekend (2009), we took on the daunting task of posing for a family photograph with all of the puppies. It was challenging.

Puppy Pic 137

Melinda, Emily and Sophie pose with the puppies.

Puppy Pic 138

Zach poses before heading back to NYC.

Puppy Pic 139

As the puppies are getting bigger, it's harder and harder to keep the pens clean.

Puppy Pic 140

It won't be long till they need more space.

Puppy Pic 141

"Orange" gets to explore around the room.

Puppy Pic 142

Emily is starting to feel sad knowing the puppies will be leaving in a little over 2 weeks.

Puppy Pic 143

Emily shares some time with Sophie. We've grown very attached to the puppies.

Puppy Pic 144

More eating and more growing.

Puppy Pic 145

Sophie and all of her "mini-me's."

Puppy Pic 146

Our friend Ellen comes over to help trim the puppies nail's.

Puppy Pic 147

"Moose takes a nap with some of his friends.

Puppy Pic 148

The orange canister in the background is a crate-drier, a wonderful tool to have if you are a doodle owner.

Puppy Pic 149

Time out to nap.

Puppy Pic 150

Doodles are cuddly and floppy.

Puppy Pic 151

Their coat is just like their mom's.

Puppy Pic 152

Lee and Melinda take the puppies to the upstairs exercise pen.

Puppy Pic 153

What a pretty face.

Puppy Pic 154

Emily gives a puppy a tour of our house.

Puppy Pic 155

Happy New Year -- we barely fit in the crate while Emily is scrubbing down the pen.

Puppy Pic 156

Ah, nice and clean again, at least for a few minutes.

Puppy Pic 157

More kibble and goat's milk.

Puppy Pic 158

This is how the room looks with the puppy Cam set.

Puppy Pic 159

Some special time with Paul.

Puppy Pic 160

Sophie and two of her girls.

Puppy Pic 161

Looks like Sophie had a day at the spa. Her family is now living in a bigger space in the utility room.

Puppy Pic 162

They are either in constant motion or sleeping.

Puppy Pic 163

Looking for trouble.

Puppy Pic 164

Alex and Sophie sit on the top of the stairs. The puppies haven't figured out how to get up them yet.

Puppy Pic 165

Puppy pile in the new room.

Puppy Pic 166

Solid food followed by a snack.

Puppy Pic 167

They are looking huge. Sophie is very patient.

Puppy Pic 168

Waiting in the crate while the floor gets cleaned, again.

Puppy Pic 169

Here you can see how their coats vary.

Puppy Pic 170

Tired after play.

Puppy Pic 171

More sleeping puppies.

Puppy Pic 172

"Moose" thinks it's time to wakeup and play.

Puppy Pic 173

"Moose", now called Frankie, gets his very first touchdown on terra firma.

Puppy Pic 174

It's too cold for the puppies to stay out for more than a few minutes. "Black", aka Joey, snuggles in Emily's arms to stay warm.

Puppy Pic 175

Joey and Sophie sniff the ground together for the 1st time.

Puppy Pic 176

Paul and Joey staying warm together in the winter sun.

Puppy Pic 177

Melinda and Dana holding Joey and Frankie.

Puppy Pic 178

Tired after a workout.

Puppy Pic 179

Their 1st bath, in the kitchen sink.

Puppy Pic 180

Clean and fluffy.

Puppy Pic 181

Time for our portraits. "Olive Green", now called Charlie.

Puppy Pic 182


Puppy Pic 183

"Blue", sometimes called "Moose", now called Frankie.

Puppy Pic 184


Puppy Pic 185

"Black", now called Joey

Puppy Pic 186


Puppy Pic 187

"Red", now called Woodstock.

Puppy Pic 188

"Pink", now called Roxie.

Puppy Pic 189


Puppy Pic 190

"Kelly Green", now called Brady.

Puppy Pic 191


Puppy Pic 192

"Orange", now called Martha.

Puppy Pic 193


Puppy Pic 194

That was a long portrait session.

Puppy Pic 195

Puppies like to climb into the crate and sleep together.

Puppy Pic 196

Puppy Pic 197

Sophie keeping her distance. She needs to wean her puppies.

Puppy Pic 198

The three girls (Roxie, Martha and Woodstock), have a spa treatment.

Puppy Pic 199

All clean and fluffy.

Puppy Pic 200

Drying off on the bathroom floor.

Puppy Pic 201

Emily with the girls.

Puppy Pic 202

Sophie checks in on her family.

Puppy Pic 203

The puppies are looking bigger.

Puppy Pic 204

Off to the Vet's office for a wellness check.

Puppy Pic 205

Woodstock likes the tech's hair because it matches her ribbon.

Puppy Pic 206

This is our wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Lynn, weighing Joey.

Puppy Pic 207

She checks each puppy and listens to their heart.

Puppy Pic 208

Brady being examined.

Puppy Pic 209

Paul shows Frankie how to say "ah."

Puppy Pic 210

Everyone has had their 1st set of shots. Dr. Lynn says they are all in perfect health.

Puppy Pic 211

Melinda and Alex play with some puppies out of the utility room.

Puppy Pic 212

Just one more day before they go to their forever homes.

Puppy Pic 213

Rest up -- tomorrow is going to be a big day.

Puppy Pic 214

Hiawatha and Sophie say goodbye to Charlie. He's going home to live in Connecticut.

Puppy Pic 215

Hiawatha and Sophie check-in on the remaining puppies.

Puppy Pic 216

Roxie meets her forever family. She is going to a home in Rhodes Island.

Puppy Pic 217

A happy surprise -- Brady is going to our friends, Becca and Bruce. They live on the Cape.

Puppy Pic 218

Joey is lucky since he gets to live with his mom. She teaches him good manners and how to behave like a proper doodle.

Puppy Pic 219

She also watches over him while he explores the world. There is so much to learn.

Puppy Pic 220

Everything is a game, even chasing a leaf.

Puppy Pic 221

It's a little lonely without all of his brothers and sisters...

Puppy Pic 222

... but there is always companionship nearby.

Puppy Pic 223

Joey gets a chance to explore the whole house.

Puppy Pic 224

Snuggling under the living room chair, Joey looks like a Gund Teddy Bear.

Puppy Pic 225

We are excited to have a new family member.

Puppy Pic 226

We love him so much already.